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Q: Is the Bar Association for the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ("Bar Association") affiliated with, or endorsed or sponsored by, the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit ("Court of Appeals")?

A: No, the Bar Association is a wholly separate entity from the Court of Appeals. The Court of Appeals does not endorse or sponsor the Bar Association and does not require attorneys practicing before it to be members of the Bar Association. Attorneys admitted by the Court of Appeals (and federal judges and clerks -- see the Answer to the Question "Who is eligible to apply . . ." below) may separately apply for admission to the Bar Association. The Court of Appeals does believe that the Bar Association’s activities promote the administration of justice in the Eighth Circuit and its judges have authorized the Clerk of Court to assist the Bar Association by, among other things, assisting the Bar Association in distributing announcements for its educational programs.

Q: What are the Bar Association's missions?

A: The Bar Association was formed to improve and facilitate the administration of justice within the courts of the Eighth Circuit; to raise the standards of proficiency and integrity in federal practice; to develop and implement effective, efficient, and uniform rules of practice and procedure within the courts of the Eighth Circuit; and to assist the judiciary of the Eighth Circuit in whatever manner requested.

Q: Who is eligible to apply for membership in the Bar Association?

A: Membership is open to all attorneys who are admitted to practice before the United States Court of the Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, as well as all federal judges and federal judicial clerks within the geographic area of the Eighth Circuit.

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